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Stainless Steel Roasting Sticks Set - 31.9in Extendable Marshmallow Hot Dog Forks

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Item # 27808
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Our roasting stick set is convenient to carry out for barbecue or leisure in the garden. This roasting fork stick is specially designed for light weight food such as marshmallows, fish balls, sausages, tomatoes, onions and vegetables. The fork tip is flat and not easy to hurt people. The color ends of the handles make each one easy to identify as ""Mine"". Extendable roasting stick is the safest solution for kids to participate at cooking in patio fire pit. Stainless steel material is easy to clean and long lasting use.

  • Considerate Roasting Tool Set: 12Pcs roasting tool set includes 8Pcs roasting sticks, 2Pcs corn needles, fork and knife combination, can be used for cutting the roast leg of lamb, roasted corn, hot dog, etc. What a versatile grilling tool! 
  • Telescoping Fork Skewers: Extendable skewer handle is pretty tight in each layer of the stainless steel rod, extend like an antenna until twice times in length. The roasting sticks can extend up to 31.9in and hold up the weight of sausages, hot dogs, veggies, marshmallows 
  • Colored Handle Is Easy To Identify: The color ends of the handles make each one easy to identify as ""Mine"". Color coding helps keep track for the kids, color coded to remember whose is whose. 
  • User Friendly Roasting Sticks: Telescoping roasting sticks is the safest solution for kids to participate at cooking in patio fire pit, backyard fire pit, bonfire pit, or campfire. They extend to a really long length to ensure the little ones don\'t get too close to the fire while roasting their marshmallows. Flat ends on fork will be safer for little hands. Wooden handle will keep hands safe from heat. 
  • Perfect Gifts: Roasting sticks, corn needles, knife and fork are made of stainless steel, cleaning was simple just like any utensil. They wash easily, hand washed and the marshmallow came off easily. Comfortable to grip and it is perfect for BBQ themed picnic and outdoor activities. 

Friendly Reminder:

  • Non-dish washer and please keep handle dry for long lasting performance.
  •  Roasting Sticks can hold up to 0.6 lbs. But the recommended weight should not exceed 0.4 lbs. They will bend, but return to their initial shape.


  • Brand: Lake Forest
  • Product Type: Versatile Roasting Sticks Set
  • Roasting Stick Materials: 304Stainless Steel+ PP+ Log
  • Corn Needle Materials: 430 Stainless Steel+ Oak
  • Fork Knife Materials: 410Stainless Steel
  • Per Extended Roasting Stick Size: 1.7x1.2x81cm/0.67x0.47x31.9in
  • Extended Roasting Stick Length: 30.3cm-81cm/11.93-31.9in
  • Fork Size: 1.8x30.3cm/0.7x11.93in
  • Knife Size: 1.3x30cm/0.52x11.82in
  • Per Corn Needle Size: 2x2x10.2cm/0.79x0.79x4.02in  
  • Package Size: 33x23x3.5cm/12.99x9.06x1.38in
  • Package Weight: 473g/1.04lbs


  • 8 x Roasting Sticks
  • 1x Fork
  • 1x Knife
  • 2x Corn Needles
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