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EDGE Work from home Modular Kit

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Item # 24799
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Item # 24799
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For all those multi-taskers out there busy juggling a thousand things at once, our EDGE Modular Kit is the perfect tool to have in your corner. The kit includes a magnetic phone mount, a 280 lumens EDGE® Light and the 15W EDGE Universal Wireless Charger. The EDGE Mount gives you the power to attach your mobile device to the side of your monitor or laptop, giving you access to both devices at once. 

Additional Features:

  • Color: Grey

  • Grey, classic and neutral as the igneous rock.

Edge Modular kit:
 (Edge mount, Edge Light, Edge Universal Charger)

1. EDGE  Mount
The EDGE Mount serves as the basic component of the ecosystem, where you can attach your phone, your wireless charger, or your light. Thanks to its magnetic system, your phone can become an essential tool to improve the management of your tasks. Work on mobile interfaces in real-time, live-stream your gameplay, and share your presentation while still seeing other hosts during online meetings. When not in use, the EDGE® Mount is as thin as 4 credit cards.

• Size: 115x30x4.5 mm / 4.5x1.1x1.7 in
• Materials: CNC machined aluminum, with N52 magnets and an ultra gripping layer on the front surface
• Weight: 34 gr / 1.1 oz

Package Includes:
• 1 EDGE Mount
• 1 Magnetic Disc 
• 1 Paper Magnetic Disc Aligner
• 1 Nano Suction Replacement
• 1 EDGE Mount Remover
• Eco-friendly packaging 

2. EDGE Universal Wireless Charger
The EDGE 15W Wireless Charger is fully compatible with iPhone MagSafe devices (12 and above), as well as iPhone 8 and above and all Android devices that support wireless charging. It's made of CNC machined aluminum and with N52 magnets.

• Size: Ø56x11 mm / Ø2.2x0.4 in
• Materials: CNC machined aluminium Basalt Grey
• Brightness: 280 Lumens with x3 levels of control
• Input: 5V-1A
• Battery Capacity: 140 MAH / 0.5WH
• Weight: 35 gr / 1.2 oz

Package Includes:
• 1 EDGE Light
• 1 USB-C to USB-C cable
• Eco-friendly packaging 

3. EDGE Light
Light up your calls, EDGE Light is the missing piece to drastically improve the quality of your online meetings. Thanks to its built-in battery, you can use it with or without a cable.
280 lumens of pure brightness! Good lighting can be the difference between a professional and an amateur Zoom call. The EDGE Light is designed with your meetings in mind. You can also choose between three levels of brightness.

• Size: Ø56x6 mm / Ø2.2x0.2 in
• Input: 5V/2A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
• Output: 7.5W/10W/15W
• Materials: CNC machined aluminium Basalt Grey with N52 magnets
• Input: 5V-1A
• Battery Capacity:140 MAH / 0.5WH
• Power: 18 Watt
• Weight: 38 gr / 1.3 oz

Package Includes:

• 1 EDGE Wireless Charger
• 1 Magnetic Ring
• 1 Magnetic Ring Aligner
• Eco-friendly packaging

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