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10 Mode Tens Unit Impulse Massager - Pain Relief Muscle Stimulator With 4 Outputs And 8 Electrode

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Item # 27456
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Item # 27456
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Our Tens Unit Machine Impulse Massager Is Designed With 10 Working Modes, a 10-60mins Adjustable Time Setting, 20-level Intensity, 4 Electrode Outputs, And Four Electrode Wires (With 2 Connectors Per Electronic Wire), You Can Select Your Preferred Mode And Intensity, Which Stimulate Your Acupoints And Muscles From Injuries And Soreness From A Long Day Of Work Or Excessive Sports And Keep Them Supple And Relaxed. 4 Partners Or Friends Can Be Used At The Same Time. It's Compact Size And Easy Operation Enable It To Be Easily Carried With You When Traveling. Save A Lot Of Time And Money To Get The Same Massage Effect In A Massage Parlor. An Ideal Gift For Office Workers, Students, Excessive Sporters, And Housewives With Piles Of Housework. 

10 Working Modes To Suit Your Needs: Programmed With 10 Massage Modes (4 Body Parts Massaging Modes: Foot, Knee, Shoulder And Back; 6 Chinese Traditional Therapeutic Methods: Knead, Tap, Acu, Scraping, Cupping And Random), Select Your Preferred Mode Which Stimulate Your Acupoints And Muscles From Injuries And Soreness From A Long Day Of Work Or Excessive Sports And Keep Them Supple And Relaxed. 

10-60mins Time Setting And 20-level Intensity: Built In Timer From 10 To 60 Mins With 20 Minutes Default Timer. You Can Increase Or Decrease The Duration According To Your Demands.
Press Twice Of +/- To Increase/decrease One Cell, which Represents A 2-level Intensity To Increase Or Decrease. Pre-programmed Adjustable Timer And Intensity Make It Much Easier To Use Than Other Traditional Electric Therapy Products Which You Need To Set The Pulse Frequency And Duration Of Each Pulse Manually. Note: Start From The Lowest Intensity Level For Your Comfort. 

Simultaneous 4 Outputs Design To Share With Your Friends: Designed With 4 Wire Sets And 4 Output Ports, 8 Electrode Pads Can Be Used In One Person Every Time Or You Can Share Pad Sets To Your Friend. 

User-friendly And Portable: Powered By 4.5v (3*aaa) Battery (Not Included) Or Included USB. Just Plug And Play. Compact Size And Lightweight Style With a Pocket Clip Can Be Carried Anywhere So Its Therapeutic Power Is Always Instantly At Your Fingertips. Fit For Those Who Are Suffering Body Soreness, Stiffness, Chronic Pain, And Other Aches From Your Shoulder, Back, Or Legs. Optimal  For Pain Management And Muscle Relief Anywhere Anytime.

Save Your Time And Money: At A Fraction Of The Cost, You Can Get A Soothing Massage For Your Chronic Pain In The Comfort Of Your Home Or Even While Traveling Or At Work. You Will Never Have To Wait For A Month To Get Physical Therapy Or Getting The Same Massage Effect That Every Doctor Does (Buy Pills, Get Injection, Etc.). 


  • Do Not Use The Device If You Have Any Of The Following Medical Conditions:
  • An Implanted Cardiac Pacemaker, Defibrillator, Or Other Implanted Metallic Or Electronic Device
  • Are Pregnant Under 37 Weeks

Have Epilepsy

  • It Is Recommended That You Consult Your Medical Practitioner Before Use If You
  • Have Been Diagnosed With Cancer.
  • Have Suffered Acute Trauma Or A Recent Surgical Procedure
  • Have Cardiac Problems Or Cardiac Disease
  • Have An Abdominal Hernia
  • Have Venous Thrombosis. This Device Is Intended For Use By Adults, But Use On Children Is Possible, But Should Only Occur With Adult Supervision


  • It Should Not Be Applied Directly To The Heart. On The Neck Area At The Front Or Sides Or The Temples
  • Apply The Electrode Pads Only To Normal, Intact, Clean Skin. Do Not Apply Over Open Wounds Or Over Swollen Or Infected Areas.
  • Never Use The Device While Driving, Operating Machinery, Or During Activities In Which Involuntary Muscle Contractions May Endanger Others
  • Do Not Use The Device In The Bath Or Shower
  • Never Immerse The Device In Any Liquid
  • Never Use The Device While Sleeping
  • This Device Should Only Be Used With The Accessories Provided By The Manufacturer. Adverse Reactions Experiencing Skin Irritations, Burns Beneath The Electrode Pads Applied To The Skin Or Any Other Adverse Reactions Then Treatment Should Be Stopped Immediately. You Should Consult With Your Medical Practitioner About Further Use Of The Device.


  • Brand: Imountek
  • Product Type: Tens Unit Machine Impulse MassagerWorking Modes: 10 Types
  • Intensity Of 4 Output Port: 20 Levels (Press Twice Of +/- To Increase/decrease One Cell, Represents 2-level Intensity To Increase Or Decrease)
  • Micro USB Input: 5v, 500 Ma
  • Input Voltage: 3.7v
  • Rated Current: 0-80ma
  • Wave Frequency: 0hz-65hz
  • Wave Width: 0us-200us
  • Rated Voltage(1000ω):0-75vpp
  • Tens Unit Powered By: 4.5v (3*aaa) Battery (Not Included) Or Included USB
  • Suggestible Working Duration: 10-20 Minutes/use
  • Default Time: 20minutes
  • Time Setting: 10-60 Minutes
  • Color: White
  • Material: Abs Materials
  • Tense Machine Size: 20x6x2cm/7.88x2.36x0.79inches
  • Tense Machine Weight: 149g/0.33lbs
  • Per Electrode Wire Length: 155cm/61inches
  • USB Cable Length: 74cm/29inches
  • Per Electrode Pad Size: 5x5cm/1.97x1.97inches
  • Plastic Board Size: 8x5x0.3cm/3.15x1.97x0.11inches
  • Package Size: 24x18.5x3.5cm/9.45x7.29x1.38inches
  • Package Weight: 410g/0.91lbs
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