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3D Virtual Reality Headset HD Gaming, Movies & 360˚ Video Experience with Bluetoothip Around Ladies

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Item # 8327
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Item # 8327
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Now enjoy high-quality visual effects on a 1600" magnanimous virtual display with this new 3D headset. The large diameter, high-definition optical resin lens offer a broader view and angle of coverage with almost zero image distortion. IMAX will seem like an amateur alternative. The ability to adjust object and pupillary distance makes these gaming goggles suitable for all – even people with Myopia!

More Is Better:

  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY & FUTURISTIC CONSTRUCT – This 3D virtual reality headset with an adjustable smartphone holder can easily house cell phones from 3.5" up to 6", ensuring that all your favorite models are compatible with these game glasses also known as 3D video glasses. The soft leather and foam lining along with premium smooth finish and sturdy build make these virtual reality gaming glasses a cutting-edge tech compared with other virtual reality devices.
  • HUMAN-CENTERED PROGRESSIVE DESIGN – VR Headset comes with an evolutionary design which brings you an unbelievable user experience. This VR helmet boasts a well-thought-out construction with a head strap that evenly distributes all the pressure over your head instead of putting your eyes, face, and nose under harsh conditions, which may be a big issue with other virtual goggles. It lets you use your 3D VR glasses for a long time. The comfy and adjustable strap makes it a perfect fit for everyone!
  • UNLIMITED ENTERTAINMENT – Whether you want to get thrilled by life-like virtual reality gaming or to enjoy a movie on a personal cinema-size screen visible only to yourself, this VR headset will provide you with the top-notch experience. Set out for a virtual tour around the world, take a deep dive into 360° documentaries, try an extreme roller coaster VR attraction or participate in VR horror game – Extraordinary fun assured!
  • BONUS REMOTE CONTROLLER & 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Included Bluetooth remote controller ensures decent Android games playing experience (only self-timer mode & volume control supported in iOS) & control of other options on a virtual screen. You will be amazed at how many hours of entertainment with these VR headsets you can get. These 3D video glasses are equally well-suited for iOS and Android devices making it a great Android and iPhone VR Headset
  • Product Dimensions : 8.5 x 6.2 x 4.5 inches
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