12-Pack AXE Body Spray Deodorant Anti-Perspirant

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Item # 17458
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Item # 17458
Good deal?
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All you need is one great fragrance to smell like a man with attitude. With the new 12-Pack AXE Body Spray Deodorant Anti-Perspirant, experience powerful scents like Apolo, Excite, Deep Space, Dark Temptation, Sport Blast, and more. Whether you’ve just hit the gym, or you’re getting dressed for work, 12-Pack AXE Body Spray Deodorant Anti-Perspirant will help you smell and feel your freshest. It is guaranteed to turn more than a few ladies’ heads, so be Axe ready. Choose different fragrances for different occassions and smell great always.

More is Better:

  • Includes: 12 pack of different scents
  • Use: Spray on deodorant Anti-perspirant dries clean instantly; for gym, work, or anywhere 
  • Quantity: 12X 150 ml/5.07 oz
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