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Refer your friends & get 10% Cash back

Refer your friends & get 10% Cash back

Create an account, share the link easily get 10% cash back or credit.

Alphabetdeal makes it easy to start earning cash back by simply sharing product links with your friends and family.

How it works
• First create an account on (Create account).
• Find products that you would like to share with your friends and family.
• On each product page you will find a section of share buttons to various social media and email platforms (the only way to earn cash back is by using these share buttons)

• It’s as easy as that!

You can earn cash back in 2 ways
1. Purchases - Whenever someone clicks on the link you shared and buys the product, you earn 10% cash back from the price of that product.
2. Clicks - You will earn $0.10 for every different person that just clicks on your link.

You’ve started sharing links and now it’s time to see what you’ve earned.
Click on My account to see your cash back balance and the breakdown of all your referrals and clicks.

Getting Your Cash Back Payments

We send our members their Cash Back every month, via either Check or PayPal payment

Qualifying for a payment

To qualify for a payment, we must have your name, valid mailing address, and your cash back balance must be greater than $5.00 by the end of the Cash Back Posting Period (see the timetable below).

  • A mailing address is required for accurate and timely payments of all types, including PayPal. You can add or update your current address in your Account Settings.
  • If your Cash Back Balance is below $5.00 at the end of the Cash Back Posting Period, it will carry over to the next period. Visit My Account to see your balance.
The Alphabetdeal payment schedule
Cash Back earned in excess of $5.00 is sent every months, based on the schedule below:
  • Cash Back Posting Period
    Payment Send Date
  • January 15
    February 15
  • February 15
    March 15
  • March 15
    April 15
  • April 15
    May 15
  • May 15
    June 15
  • June 15
    July 15
  • July 15
    August 15
  • August 15
    September 15
  • September 15
    October 15
  • October 15
    November 15
  • November 15
    December 15
  • December 15
    January 15
Fine Print:
  • 1) Referral amounts will on purchases will only be awarded on completed orders.
  • 2) Referral amounts will be credited after 15 days of completion.
  • 3) You must have a Alphabetdeal account in order to be eligible for cash back.
  • 4) The use of multiple accounts is prohibited. Doing so may result in loss of earned credits and account cancelations.
  • 5) In order to earn cash back from clicks, you must maintain a 6% conversion rate on purchasing. For Example: on 100 clicks you must have a minimum of 6 completed purchases.

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